Monday, November 25, 2013

Missing You

I miss you!
The inner me yearns for you.
You've made your mark on my heart. 

I place value on the things we do when we are together;
when we share one another's creativity and uniqueness.

I find myself reminiscing on your character and qualities.
There's no match for the intimate bond that I feel when I'm with you.

I miss you and I don't desire to be without you;
you're a novel personality that's come my way.

Every day with you is like an adventure;
always something new to discover!

My waiting anticipates your return to me, my love!
I know my waiting won't be in vain.

Hasten your return my love,
make this yearning void.

I impatiently wait for that knock on the door or for the phone to ring;
to have you back once more!

I miss you, my love!
Know that I am waiting!

Written by Betty Alark
 Photo by: Peter Griffin

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