Monday, November 25, 2013

Need to Find Direction in Your Life? Something to Consider

Existing in the world without a sense of direction and purpose is analogous to being lost at sea without a compass; similar to being lost in a forest going around in circles and ending up where you initially started. Eventually, you feel abandoned, bewildered and apathetic, thinking you are never going to find your way.

Wondering through life having no sense of direction can lead to feelings of depression and hopelessness, causing you to feel like you are going down a road without a destination. Even when you arrive at a fork in the road, the choice will be random, since you are oblivious as to where you are headed. You take the fork on the left only to realize that the random path that you chose added nothing to the lack of direction formerly held. Your life seems to be a continuum of forks in the road, but you keep randomly choosing in hopes of receiving a glimpse, or a sign providing some direction.

Finding direction and purpose in a world that offers everything contrary to the nature of who you know yourself to be inwardly, can be challenging. It becomes an even greater challenge when you struggle to find an arena that acts as a stage where the inner you can thrive. The reality of such a dilemma is acceptance; accepting a temporary arena until your personal direction and purpose in life is found.

When a constant state of feeling lost is your life, the sadness beckons query. You ask yourself:
What is the purpose in being here?
What is it all for?
Why it is that life holds no purpose for me?

Whether you realize it or not, the questions you ask yourself are thought provoking questions. The key is to let the questions trigger thought from within, rather than projecting outward, in anger at the world.
Find a quiet setting and reflect on the questions. Allow the questions to trigger an inner response and jump start answers for you.
Think about: 
What it is that you don't like about the world.
What it is about the world that goes contrary to whom you know yourself to be "inwardly" and how you would like to affect the world in a positive manner.

Let your life reflect the change you desire to see. Let the change reflect your voice, actions and reactions; soon, the world will be the stage where you bear witness to you performing you. It will no longer matter what fork in the road you take or what arena you step into, since you will be taking yourself--your convictions/ consciousness, perceptions, and your heart, with you; they become your direction.

The more you live your convictions without deviation, the more direction and purpose you find in living. Direction is living who you are at the very core of your being; direction isn't external.

Life has meaning when your convictions come alive; when you're not following the status quo, and all your actions and reactions are in accordance with the unique being that you were born to be!
So, be still. Position yourself in a relaxed environment and ponder those questions.
Who am I? Why am I here? What purpose does this world hold for me?

Think about the hindrances that prevent you from finding your way. What it is that you don't concur with regarding the world and how you would prefer to bring about positive change.
You've been endowed with gifts and talents. Create your arena by being who you know your inner self to be. Go within and connect with your being!

Written by Betty Alark
Author of photo: Geralt

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