Monday, November 25, 2013

The Purpose of Dating - Dating Provides Building Blocks

Dating is a time to put emotions and feelings on hold until you can evaluate your date. It's important to get a good feel for a person and to be in their company long enough to determine the worth of their character, and that takes time. When dating it's important to use self-control and not let your emotions overrule your thinking or fog your focus. An intelligent evaluation of a person's character can't be determined if your emotions are clouding your judgment.
Dating can be deemed as a fun time to be social and to do social things like parties, fairs, going out to a restaurant, maybe even playing some fun table games; that way, you get to see one another in different settings, which provides for an opportunity to see different sides of one another's personality. Being able to witness one another in different settings is a key factor in getting to know someone; until you actually get to see a person's various sides, you really don't know them at all.
If you give yourself time to get to know one another you might come to realize things like: you make one another laugh; that the person you're keeping company with is objective, non- judgmental and easy to talk to. Could be that you have similar things in common like liking the same moves, books, foods, art and the like. These are all things that you find out in the course of dating over a period of time. They are potential building blocks for friendship and possibly a relationship.
That's the purpose of dating; to find out if the potential building blocks for friendship and an eventual relationship exist. If you find out -- during the process of dating that the building blocks don't exist, the person can still be an aquaintance, however, not someone you want to build a serious relationship with that could ultimately lead to marriage.

Written by Betty Alark 
Photo by: Maliz Ong

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