Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Strategically Gain a Partner in Life

Gaining a partner in life requires strategic planning; a plan that incorporates: evaluating, creative strategic thinking, and innovative -- out of the box approaches. After creating a plan -- advance forward; put your plan into action!

Carrying out the plan
Commence by evaluating and documenting the reasons "why" you need a partner. For example: companionship, security, compatibility, etc. Knowing the "whys" is important. Otherwise-- your choices will be random.
After evaluating the "whys" move on to phase two -- the "what's." Take time to evaluate "what" you're seeking in a partner; specific qualities, etc. A creative format to undergo the evaluation process might be to write the "what's" in a resume format; as if you're seeking to hire someone for the position. For example:
Seeking someone that is
  •  financially established
  •  someone that accepts me for who I am,
  •  a good listener/understanding/compassionate
  •  a provider
  •  someone that can stimulate and challenge my mind
  •  a person that likes to have fun
  •  romantic

After determining the "why's and the "what's" you're ready to progress to phase three.

Putting your plan into action
Phase three entails choosing the appropriate environment and the process of "interrogation and elimination." Interrogation and elimination equals-- time well spent; which produces, positive gains.

The Environment
Seek out environments where you anticipate the type of person you're hoping to meet is most likely to hang out. After meeting likely candidates, conduct the interrogation process in a relaxed manner, feel free to let your hair down and be comfortable, but maintain an air of composure and stay mission minded.

Your list of "why's and what's" has prepared you for the interrogation process. Conduct the interrogation process in a down- to- earth yet, professional manner, as if screening to hire someone that's qualified for the position.
As the two of you are indulging in conversation, you start posing your questions. Find innovative, creative ways to find out what you need to know. Ten questions down the list; you know whether the potential candidate meets your qualifications or not; if not, you enjoyed the company and had a nice evening out. You don't want to continue spending "time" with someone that you realize (based on your interrogation) isn't going to meet your qualifications. You're on a mission; on to the next candidate!

Process of elimination
Process of elimination cuts through the chase; each person you interrogate might like your appearance and conversation, but you already have the information you need, so why hire someone that has hopes, has a nice appearance and conversation, yet doesn't stand up to your resume of qualifications?
Stay mission minded! Be strategic, creative and innovative. Don't settle for less.

Written by Betty Alark

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