Monday, August 26, 2013

What to Do when Your Heart Keeps Getting Crushed

They're all kinds of forces working through people; forces of greed, envy, jealousy, and just mean spiritedness. They've all come toward me in one mask or another. 

Masqueraders wear all kinds of mask to cover up their true colors. Initially -- they present themselves as beautiful angels, someone sweet, good, funny -- it's called: "let me get to know you first persona." Then, shortly after the "get to know you first, "persona phase" -- you find yourself asking, " who is this person I've revealed myself to?" 

When you have a "good heart" and you keep being deceived by people wearing mask, it can have a devastating effect. You might begin to think: " Why me? Why do I keep getting taken for the fool when all I do is try to treat people right?" "The more kindness I give, the more people take advantage of me."

Your mind wonders in confusion with thoughts like: I'm just who I am; so -- what do I do? Are there any "good" people in the world or is this just the way the world is? I don't know, but it leaves me depressed and wondering if anyone will ever come my way that doesn't play me for a fool. What's wrong with me? Do I need to change? Am I blind? Am I an idiot? I mean, what's going on? 

Life can be a trip. The question is: are you going to trip with the rest of the world or maintain being who you are? 

Are you going to change? In other words -- become what everyone else "does" to you; play the get-over games, the con-games, just to get what you want from others? Which means -- you too would find your, "getting to know you first, persona mask", before revealing your true colors. 

It takes a strong person not to succumb to sinking below a "good" heart" -- to sell their soul, so to speak; but, it can be accomplished. Sometimes it might call for walking alone or having only one friend, but ultimately, it's worth it; because, when you join in the con- games of life, you lose yourself. 

So, yes, it can be overwhelming not to know what to do when people wearing mask keep showing up at the door of your heart because it shines so brightly and they want to put your light out at any cost; but, there are ways to defend your heart against the hidden agendas of masqueraded personas. 

For instance:
  • Don't reveal yourself before you know a person's true colors. If you wait long enough you will see signs of who someone really is.
  • Do research on different personality types so that you can identify the red flags
  • Know yourself versus who the other person is - dose their value system and convictions match yours?
  • Don't ignore the red flags as a result of emotional attachment

End result

Educate yourself . You don't need to change you -- you just need to be able to discern "what type of Character is masquerading behind the mask.

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Written by Betty Alark

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