Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Mutually Work Out Problems in a Relationship

When we have a problem,
Let's work it out-- mutually

I have worth and value,
and so do you. 

That is why we need to mutually,
consider one another in the decision making process. 

Our relationship isn't a power game;
you trying to dominate me, or me dominating you;
you trying to win over me, or me winning over you. 

When you ask me, or I ask you,
"What do you think?"
Or, "how do you think we should go about resolving the problem?"
It states that we both have something of value to offer;
that we recognize and acknowledge one anothers value.

It allows us to mutually participate, and contribute, in the decision making process.
Not me doing it my way or you doing it your way, but mutually.

And after we analyze the problem, and draw our conclusions,
We will do what is in the best interest of us both.
Or, what we agree is the best way to solve the problem. 

That's called working together mutually, in order for the relationship work.

** Above all and first and foremost pray together! Pray individually and ask the Creator to order your steps to guide and direct you!!

Written by Betty Alark

Picture by Petr Kratochvil

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