Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Deal with Change

Change is a constant reality. You might say -- it's inevitable.
After living in a comfort zone for a period of time -- for instance: a job, position, house, relationships, and  then something happens to  thrust  you out of your comfort zone, it can affect you emotionally and create stress in your life. How we deal with change can make all the difference.

Ways to deal with change

Having a positive attitude is "priceless" when confronted with change. How we perceive change is a key factor in moving forward -- or not. 

Thinking positive about change, enables -- moving forward; thinking the worst -- delays moving forward, and generates depressing emotions. It's natural to feel some emotional discomfort when change occurs; however, not allowing those feelings to have control over moving forward is what matters. 

While transitioning through change, do positive things to keep your spirit uplifted. Stay active by jogging -- being out in nature. Talk about your situation with friends and family; other people can sometimes offer solutions or a different perspective. 

Use self help strategies. I know from experience that it makes life better when I tell myself that things will get better and I work towards what I have faith in. Prayer of course -- is my number one self-help strategy. 

At some point, after change occurs, we do need to get up and do the things that are needed to take us in a new direction. Doing so requires "drive"; something that will drown out the voice of defeat. 

Drive supports -- "motivation"; having something to look forward to; a vision of what you'd like to move forward -- into. 

The next step is to "plan" in accordance with your vision, and maintain that positive attitude of: I'm not going to give up; I'm going to move forward; things will get better, and do all that you can do to make it happen. Doing so will constantly fuel your motivation! 

You can do it!! Don't let change defeat you.

*** Above all go within and stay in prayer! Asking the Creator for direction, and to order your steps. That should always come first!!,

Written by Betty Alark

Author of picture -Geralt

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