Monday, November 25, 2013

The Good Things You Do Override Your Faults

We have our ups and downs,
not always seeing eye to eye.
Often disagreeing
both vying for our own individual opinion.

It is at those times that our emotions,
our ego can come into play
and we find ourselves feeling sorry for
the things we have said to one another.

We temporarily distance ourselves
to reflect on our wounds;
after reflecting upon the moment,
the thing that overshadows my emotions and ego
is all the good things that you have done for me.

I see your heart,
your heart overshadows
any complaint that I might have
regarding your imperfections and mine.

However, the complaint remains;
it still needs to be addressed.
We still need to come together,
not keeping the complaint at bay.

In order to move forward
in this relationship,
we need to address the complaint;
so that it doesn't continue to haunt us.

Let's not let our differences lead us astray;
we can come together and hear
the complaint that needs to be said.

I'm big enough to forgive
the temporary wounding of my egomy hope is, that you are too.

Our unity means more to me,
than any harsh words could possibly say.
Our commitment and devotion to one another,
our love for one another,
is what I hope will triumph over the disarray.

So here is my complaint,
please don't think less of me
for expressing the things that affect me.
Please take it into consideration
and try to make the necessary change.

Keep in mind that your heart to me,
overshadows the complaint that I express.
Any changes will just make our relationship stronger,
and old habits will be laid to rest.

Your heart overshadows
any complaints that I have about you.
When it is my turn to hear your complaints,
I will remember the very things
that I've asked of you.

Keeping in mind the greater things,
that compliment me and you.

Written by Betty Alark
Photo by: Yana Ray

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